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Data collection from devices

  • Delpheon gateway solution makes it easy to connect your field and factory assets (meters, sensors, PLC's, controllers etc) and start collecting data.
  • Delpheon gateway has provision for wired or wireless data collection.
  • It supports LoRA, Zigbee etc.
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Remote Monitoring

  • Big data-based IoT message broker services for Low latency.
  • Digital twins can be easily made by drag and drop features.
  • Real-time Streaming edge diagnostics and monitoring loop for effective condition monitoring
  • Configure hierarchy information and create derived parameters.
  • Easily configure alarms.
  • User Management Features
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Fault Detection & Diagnostics

  • Pinpoint failures- Understand parameters trends and event progressions leading to a failure.
  • Machine learning based anomaly detection algorithms for identification and annotation of anomalies.
  • Probabilistic failure predictions based on sequence of anomalous events that leads to it.
  • Computation of RUL, MTBF etc
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Data Analytics, Visualization and Dashboarding

  • Bring data from multiple sources and systems in one place.
  • Dice and slice the data as you wish.
  • Filter and Visualize data the way you want to see it.
  • Analyse the underlying trends or correlations.
  • Make your own KPI dashboards that are intuitive and informative.
  • Create access permissions and information rules.
  • Publish it to your audience.
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Optimize and Control

  • Build Edge intelligence through AI/ML optimization models.
  • Control from edge or remotely.
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Custom Solutions

  • Custom IoT solutions involving data collection from sensors at multiple locations and customized applications for specific use cases.
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