What is Delpheon ?

Rapid Industrial IoT solution platform

Accelerate your Digitization and Industry4.0 journey with minimal investment.

Customize, configure and deploy Delpheon to deliver tangible business value for your needs

Scalable and open architecture enables multiple IIoT solutions under one umbrella that securely connect devices and applications.

IIoT application realization made simple

Build an IIoT solution to show the unlimited potentialities of what Industrial IoT and industry 4.0 can do for you.

Industrial IoT Platform Application

What Industrial IoT Enables

Delpheon solutions for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can connect your machines, employees, processes and unlock new data-driven capabilities.

Use cases supported by Delpheon

Industrial IoT is used in many manufacturing sectors; the main advantages of using the IIoT Platform are improving productivity, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Check our IIoT use cases.

Industrial IoT in smart city Smart City
Industrial IoT in Building management system BMS
IIoT Platform solution for Utilities Utilities
Industrial IoT solution for equipment monitoring Equipment Monitoring
IoT Platform Industry 4.0 for factory Connected Factory

Why Delpheon ?

Delpheon is a proven industrial IoT platform designed and built to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation journey. Explore the benefits of the IIoT Platform for your business

benefits of the IIoT Platform

Rapid application realization with true cloud deployment options for scalability, fault tolerance and reliability

benefits of the industry 4.0

Consistent and cohesive features for data collection, data processing, alerting, notifications, dashboards, and analytics

benefits of the IIoT Solution

By combining industry insights and customer inputs, the platform produces real-world solutions faster with low risk

benefits of the Industrial IoT

Scalable Platform with components for Platform and Device management

benefits of the Industrial IoT Platform

Incremental deployment of applications across locations, servers & timeframe

benefits of the IIoT Platform solutions

Guarantees Data quality, reliability and availability

benefits of the IoT Platform Industry 4.0

Brings overall Industry 4.0 investment and timeframe lower

benefits of the Industry 4.0

Clean and logical communication framework for multi system integration