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Delpheon :

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Real Time Production Monitoring Real Time Production Monitoring
Electrical Power Monitoring Electrical Power
Facility Monitoring System Facility Monitoring
Utility Monitoring System Utility Monitoring
Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance RDPMS
ir Quality Monitoring System Gadgeon Air


Process Industries
Process Industries

Deploy IIoT use cases with intuitive dashboards, automated anomaly detection and advanced analytics that improves production..

Discrete Manufacturing
Discrete Manufacturing

Connect, digitize and monitor your manufacturing assets, processes, and operations to improve productivity, reduce downtime..


You can optimize operations through data-driven decisions with the help of IIoT solutions that enables digitalization of complex & dynamic..

Facility Management
Facility Management

Improve your bottom line by reducing operational costs with Facility Mana- gement Use case implementations along with enhanced....



Our core mission revolves around generating business value by interconnecting devices and systems across diverse manufacturing industries. We spearhead a paradigm shift within enterprises by harnessing the potential of data. We realize Industry 4.0 use cases focused on sustainability and continuous improvement by leveraging the highly configurable, easy deployable, secure and scalable components of our robust Industrial IoT platform - DelphEon.

Pre-built UI wizards can be dragged and dropped to create dashboards that are both informative and intuitive. Historical data analysis becomes possible using heat-maps, scatter plots, various trend charts, and more. Delpheon employs Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to power its anomaly detection algorithms that are useful in predictive maintenance use cases.

Gadgeon is an end-to-end Product engineering and Technology company, which enables us to make custom sensors and hardware for data collection especially from legacy systems. By leveraging our expertise in product engineering, IoT engineering, embedded systems - Hardware and Firmware, Full stack development, Cloud application development, Advanced Data Analytics using Machine-Learning and AI; customers can gain on high-impact business transformation initiatives.

Case Study

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact wanted to partner with Delpheon to go from equipment focus to solution focus. Using data analytics would help to predict the up and downtime of various equipment.

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