What is DelphEon?

Built on top of AWS or Azure, DelphEon simplifies your factory digitization process to begin your Industry 4.0 journey. This could include outcomes such as:

  • Remote Production Monitoring
  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Machine Downtime
  • Increased Throughput

With DelphEon, factories can connect any sensors to the internet and integrate the data from the sensors to any 3rd party software applications or enterprise applications.

DelEdge is a Linux field gateway software running on standard off the shelf hardware, which can be installed on the factory floor. It can be connected to existing PLC, SCADA system and legacy equipments for data collection and aggregation. It harmonizes multiple protocols before sending to the cloud database. Edge supports many industrial protocols like Modbus, OPC, PROFINET, etc to connect different type of industrial equipments. The edge gateway is a must-have equipment to address round trip network delay from cloud server and to realize near real-time experience for remote monitoring.

  • Cloud application framework built on AWS or Azure IoT platform.
  • HMI - Unlimited no of Customizable dashboards for different levels - company, factory, production line, machine.
  • CEP - Create logical events derived from factory floor sensors to streamline the processes.
  • Rules - Create rules in simple english like "if..then..else.." and decision tables.
  • Device Management - Manage all the components(HW & SW) in the field like gateways, sensors.

Data Collection from Legacy Machines

One of the main challenges in the factory digitization is collecting different types of data from existing, aged and heterogeneous, machines in the factory floor. As part of Gadgeon’s initial engagement with customers, we will analyze data requirement along with instrumentation mechanism for data collection from existing machines. In such cases, Gadgeon’s Del IO Module - an Industrial Ethernet IO module, equipped with analog I/O, digital I/O and relay outputs offering a variety of options for data collection. Data can be aggregated to DelEdge or any standard gateway supporting Modbus TCP/RTU protocol.

Case Studies


  • Lack of proper mechanism for the calibration of the production line capper set up.
  • Improper capping leads to reduced shelf-life of the food produce.
  • Wanted a solution without manipulating the OEM equipment.


  • Gadgeon designed an intelligent bottle inclusive of the electronic component and firmware that captures and measures the various forces applied on a bottle during the capping process.
  • There's an edge gateway which communicates with the intelligent bottle and collects, displays the data in real time on an HMI. The mechanic then calibrates the various forces in order, one at a time, by tuning the capper head.


  • The mechanic can easily calibrate the capper head using the intelligent bottle. The local HMI provides the data in realtime enabling the mechanic to make adjustments to the capper head and observe the changes within a second on the Gateway.
  • Uploads all data to cloud for storage, analysis, and reports.
  • Enables the client to upload mathematical models to cloud platform to analyze the sensor data and make inferences on the quality of the capping operation.


  • A minor step in the production process was causing line-level inefficiencies.
  • Inefficiency due to unbalanced work load in each process step.
  • Lack of real time insight into the filter drier production line for the upper management team.


  • Studied the production line and identified the required instrumentation along with the sensor modules to integrate to the existing PLCs.
  • Integrated existing PLCs to Delpheon using Del-Edge, PROFINET and Modbus TCP.


  • Senior management has complete visibility into the fliter drier production line.
  • All manual checklist and workflows were automated.
  • Achieved Real Time Production Monitoring and Notifications using Del-Insights.


  • Shorter shelf life for processed tobacco due to process issues.
  • Highly manual process resulted in unpredictable quality output.
  • Poor air quality led to health and safety concerns.


  • Studied the production line and identified the required instrumentation along with the sensor modules to integrate to the existing PLCs.
  • Integrated existing PLCs to Delpheon using Del-Edge, PROFINET and Modbus TCP.
  • Streamlined manufacturing by monitoring feed rate, moisture, temperature and RPMs.
  • Reports for the Energy consumption and productivity.


  • Longer shelf life for the tobacco leaves as the feed-rate was better managed using the real-time monitoring.
  • Streamlined Manufacturing process by integrating various steps in the production line.
  • Integrated with lab data - Particle Size Distribution Lab & Quality control lab.
  • Healthy production floor environment with happier employees.


  • Lost revenue due to possible ride downtime.
  • Highly manual monitoring of water tank levels and control pumps resulted in unpredictability.
  • Cost of energy required optimization.


  • Studied the water tanks' layout and identified the relevant sensor IO modules.
  • Integrated sensor IO modules to Del-Edge using the existing LAN and relayed to DelphEon.
  • Centralised monitoring of water tank levels are achieved by running Del-Insights and Del-Rules on the Del-Edge.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports for the water tanks levels and usage.


  • Water transport to all areas of the park is automated now.
  • Optimal energy cost was achieved by using utility company's Variable Energy rate tariff plans.

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