Why Delpheon?

benefits of the IIoT Platform

Rapid application realization with true cloud deployment options for scalability, fault tolerance and reliability.

benefits of the industry 4.0

Consistent and cohesive features for data collection, data processing, alerting, notifications, dashboards, and analytics.

benefits of the IIoT Solution

By combining industry insights and customer inputs, the platform produces real-world solutions faster with low risk.

benefits of the Industrial IoT

Scalable Platform with components for Platform and Device management.

benefits of the Industrial IoT Platform

Incremental deployment of applications across locations, servers & timeframe.

benefits of the IIoT Platform solutions

Guarantees Data quality, reliability and availability.

benefits of the IoT Platform Industry 4.0

Brings overall Industry 4.0 investment and timeframe lower.

benefits of the Industry 4.0

Clean and logical communication framework for multi system integration.