Real-Time Production Monitoring

  • Collect machine status from PLC's/SCADA
  • Operator data input screens
  • Digital twin of shop floor
  • Real time OEE computations
IoT Gateway

Improved offline and online condition analysis of machine cycles, cycle time performance leading to optimization of scheduling and manufacturing operations.

Online reports, dashboards with trend charts and pictures illustrating the availability & status of machines in an easy-to-understand digital twin form leading to informed decisions at various production stages.

SMS notifications on registered mobile numbers on defined event conditions.


  • Accurate real-time visibility to manufacturing operations, assets, and parts
  • Improve Productivity and quality trends
  • Improve OEE, increase throughput, and optimize asset utilization
  • Predict Asset failure - Predictive maintenance metrics to the machine level including condition monitoring, frequency analysis, kurtosis and greater accuracy to drive MRO.
  • Improved quality, faster continuous improvement cycles reducing the cost of quality
  • Improve supplier quality consistency
  • Efficient and streamlined inventory reconciliation
  • Increased OEE accuracy and prolonged Life of production assets
  • Improved facility management and utilization

OEE Dashboard

OEE Dashboard