Real-Time Production Monitoring

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Production KPIs and trend over time
  • Asset availability and utilisation monitoring
  • Downtime tracking and root cause identification

Why Delpheon OEE ?

Delpheon OEE provides actionable insights that empowers your team to make informed decisions to improve operational performance and agility.

  • Quick and accurate data accessible remotely anywhere anytime
  • Break down silos and increase collaboration by connecting workers through a single source of information.
  • Operational KPIs that motivate and drive operational excellence and improved efficiency.
  • Improved decision making with access to real time data and advanced analytics.
  • Cost saving by streamlining equipment utilisation and reducing downtimes.
  • Easy integration with other software and PLCs and accommodates manual inputs also.
OEE architecture


Insightful dashboards
Insightful dashboards

Visualise OEE data for improved efficiency

Realtime monitoring
Realtime monitoring

Displaying production data to enable quick action

Realtime alert
Realtime alert

Configure alarms to pre-emptively identify upcoming problems

Availability timeline
Availability timeline

Visualise the availability, utilisation, and downtime of equipment

Downtime tracking
Downtime tracking

Identify problem areas with the help of pareto charts and trends

Historical data utilisation
Historical data utilisation

Utilise your historic data through reports and trend views for better decision making

Remote access
Remote access

Access floor data from anywhere in the world

User roles and controlled access
User roles and controlled access

Create user roles with views and access as per the need of the user for custom experience.

Who is it for?

Line Operator

An operator can view real time status of the equipments assigned to him on an availability timeline, monitor its downtime, and make manual entries wherever necessary.

Production Supervisor

A production supervisor can keep an eye on overall operations through Real time production data and monitor efficiency of lines assigned to them via various KPIs, track downtime and its root causes.

Plant Manager

Delpheon OEE gives an operations or plant manager accurate data at their fingertips to proactively improve plant operation and achieve business objectives. They can configure various downtime reasons, so that his team can track and in turn reduce them.

Maintenance Manager

Delpheon OEE helps monitor equipment health, availability, reliability and utilisation, which helps to formulate efficient maintenance plans. It also helps differentiates between equipment and process issues thus reducing unnecessary maintenance activities.

Quality Analyst

Delpheon OEE displays real time production and rejection quantities and relevant quality KPIs that aid in monitoring quality. This supports early detection of issues and hence improves process controls.

Global Operations

Remote access of your factories from anywhere in the world helps you keep track of your operations globally, set global standards and enable plants to drive improvement and monitor it wholistically.