Remote Diagnostic and
Predictive Maintenance
Solutions ( For Railways )

  • Wireless data capturing using LoRa Field Terminal Units (FTU)
  • Signals, Points and Track Circuits’ voltage and current monitoring
  • Complying with Eulynx standards
  • Cloud-based centralized data storage and failure predictions
RDPMS Gateway

Data enablement and data collection from Track circuits, Point, Signal, and Level Crossing as well as data logging from existing devices such as Axle Counters, Electronic Interlock, Relays, Battery Chargers, Power supplies, OFC, other data logging devices, etc. using wireless data aggregators or field transmission units (FTU) and IIoT Gateway.

Complies with Eulynx standards thus ensuring interconnectivity with other vendor systems. Highly configurable, hence the system can easily adapt to changes in calculations and derivations. Low code application develops meant makes it flexible for custom dashboards and data visualizations.


  • Bird's eye view of the condition at all the stations.
  • Detailed view with historical trend graphs.
  • Advance failure predictions based on current, and voltage patterns.
  • Enable easy identification of the root cause of a failure thus reducing the time to repair.
  • Historical data accessibility and visualization for easy comparisons.
  • Event logging from specific pattern recognition.
  • Configurable alarms and notifications.
  • User access management features.

RDPMS Architecture

RDPMS Architecture