Delpheon-IO Module

  • Used to instrument legacy equipment on a factory floor for remote
    monitoring and control
  • Equipped with analog inputs, digital I/O and relay outputs which
    can be connected to Sensors and Actuators
Delpheon-IO Module Delpheon-IO Module

Mode of Operations

Modbus TCP/RTU Slave Mode
Protocol Converter Mode
Protocol Converter


  • Microchip SAM E53 micro-controller, 32-bit ARM
  • Cortex - M4 running at 120MHz

  • 32 MB Flash, Serial 2KB EEPROM

  • Protocol Stack: IPv4, DHCP Client
  • Preloaded Free RTOS, LwIP stack
  • Modbus TCP slave (Ethernet) or Modbus RTU slave (RS485)
  • Protocol converter mode-Modbus TCP slave (Ethernet) and Modbus RTU master (RS485)
  • HTTP Web server for configuration and status
  • Software upgrade from web based GUI

  • Network Interfaces-x10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RJ45 Connector
  • Serial Interface -1xRS485 at 9600/115200/198200 baud with surge protection

Analog Input
  • Channel: 4-Ch Digital Isolation
  • Input Range: 0-10v (Uni-polar)
  • Input impedance: 10MΩ
  • Resolution: 12bit
  • Precision: 0.2% of FSR

Digital Input
  • Channels: 8-Ch Optically Isolated
  • Input range:0-24V
  • Logical High(min): 14V
  • Logical Low(max): 5V
  • Isolation voltage: 1500vrms
Digital Output
  • Channel: 4-Ch Optically isolated
  • Output range: OFF-0V, ON-24V
  • Output current: 20mA
  • LED indication: Yes
  • Isolation Voltage: 1500Vrms

Relay Output
  • Channel: 4-Ch
  • Switching Power: 60W(Max)
  • Switching Voltage / Current: 230VAC, 110VDC/2A(Max)
  • LED Indication: Yes
  • Plugin wireless connectivity (soon to be added feature)

  • 200mm x 90mm x 47mm
  • Durable rigid plastic enclosure

Environmental Specification
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 70℃
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 70℃

Power Input
  • Dual power source - PoE(Active) or 24V DC-Jack
  • Low power consumption ~200ma

  • DIN rail mount and wall mount
  • Pluggable type terminal connections

  • Three status LEDs, Output LEDs