The Client

A divisional HQ of India Railways with more than 100 stations under it. They manage the Telecommunications & Signaling.

The Problem

The client wanted a system to remotely monitor their optical fiber interconnection rooms at various distant unmanned locations and wanted the condition of their back up battery and the attached charger along with the room temperature, humidity and the room door open or closed state.

Our Approach

  • Data collection from field sensors via Rail IoT Analogue input module hardware
  • Customized the Delpheon Gateway at the hub station to collect the data from the RailIoT hardwares at distant places as far as 200 kms
  • Server system at the hub station that hosts the Delpheon platform
  • Delpheon platform takes care of the streaming data management, storage, alert management, user management etc
  • Application components : Dashboards, Reports, Notifications, Trend Charts and Alerts



Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics from a central hub


SMS and Email alerts on the anomalies


Enabling proactive action before the battery drains