The Client

Our customer produces abrasive materials . They have multiple plants at the same location with several high energy consuming furnaces where the materials are fused.

The Problem

The customer has a SCADA system where all the energy parameters are monitored. But analysis of the data along side other contextual data was not done. They wanted a prediction of demand so they can plan procurement of energy from open access platform.

Our Approach

  • Data collection from PLC / SCADA via OPC-UA
  • Customized the Delpheon Gateway to collect the data from the existing PLC devices and push data to SQL database
  • Data transformations and data modelling to enable computations and reports. This was made available at the data warehouse for consumption by charts.
  • Delpheon visualization studio enables data visualization and freedom to play around with the data filters, data aggregation etc at the admin level
  • Application components : Dashboards, Reports, Notifications, Trend Charts, Heat Maps and Alerts



Efficiency gains from digitization and automated collection of data


Managers take appropriate action in energy trading, energy conservation as well as cost savings


Enabled predictions and extrapolations, for optimum trading of Energy in Open Access