Discrete Manufacturing

Connect, digitize, and monitor your
manufacturing assets, processes, and
operations to improve productivity, reduce
downtime and improve quality.

Discrete Manufacturing


Lack of visibility
  • Risks
  • Conditions of Machines, Process, and Operations
  • Equipment health
  • KPIs

Number of Systems
  • Disparate and Legacy systems
  • Different control mechanisms
  • Multiple communication protocols
Remote Monitoring and Alerting Systems
No single source of truth
  • Multiple Excel sheets
  • No integration of systems
  • No electronic records and logs

Enterprise assets
  • Inefficient maintenance
  • No remote monitoring & control
  • No proactive / predictive maintenance

Primary Use Cases

Remote Monitoring and Alerting Systems
Remote monitoring and alerting

to improve companywide visibility of equipments and processes.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Tracking
Tracking of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

to track availability, performance and quality of produces

Proactive Quality Control
Proactive quality control

Automated quality monitoring and control to reduce wastage, rework and efficiency of the plant.

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance of equipment

Visibility and predictability into assets' health and performance monitors, maintains, and optimizes assets for better availability, utilization and performance.

Real-time Asset Tracking
Real-time asset tracking

Ability to track and monitor the different assets - finished goods, work-in-progress components, tools and equipments improves efficiency and optimization of processes.