You can optimize operations through data-driven
decisions with the help of IIoT solutions that
enables digitalization of complex & dynamic
business and operational environments.



Exploration of new revenue streams
  • From non-commodity-based products & Services
  • Dynamic pricing options
  • Decentralized energy generation & distribution

Operational responsibilities
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Digital adoption & rapid technology changes
  • Need to be agile in responding to changes
  • Energy savings & efficiency improvements
Remote Monitoring and Alerting Systems
Enterprise assets
  • Inefficient & ineffective maintenance
  • Maintenance of aging equipment & facilities
  • No proactive / predictive maintenance
  • High cost of asset maintenance

Emerging Customer preferences
  • Shifting power generation sources
  • Ability to handle disruptions and weather events
  • Green gas reduction initiatives and preferences

Primary Use Cases

Remote Monitoring and Alerting Systems
Smart Grid applications

Data Acquisition from multiple grid devices, SCADA integration, Outage Management, Peak Load Management & Demand Response (PLM-DR), Predictive Analytics, and Energy Accounting.

Remote Monitoring and Alerting Systems
Electrical power monitoring

Facilitate data-driven decisions by measuring, visualizing, and analyzing your energy consumption by critical processes, equipment, and operations that significantly reduces the power bill with out any production or quality impact.

Remote Monitoring and Alerting Systems
Predictive maintenance

Visibility and predictability into assets' health and performance to accelerate utilization, predict failures, reduce downtime, and reduce cost of maintenance.