Process Industries

  • Real time monitoring of process & operational parameters
  • Historic Trend & Anomaly detection
  • AI/ML modelling of process lines


Regulatory Compliance

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Evolving regulatory compliances
  • Lack of automated quality management frameworks
  • Deployment of eco-friendly processes

Efficiency Improvements

  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Supply chain inefficiencies
  • Employee productivity & safety
  • Enable data-driven decision making for monitoring and continuous improvement

Enterprise assets

  • Inefficient maintenance leading to unplanned downtime
  • No remote monitoring & control
  • No proactive / predictive maintenance
  • High maintenance cost

Cost Management

  • Cost monitoring and optimization
  • Regular updates to product formula
  • Lack of visibility to utility usage trend monitoring and control

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Primary Use Cases

Remote Monitoring and Alerting Systems
Remote monitoring and alerting

Improve companywide visibility of equipments and processes that in turn ensures regulatory compliances and standards.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Tracking
Environmental monitoring

Process manufacturers must be mindful of the affect their ingredients have on the environment and active monitoring will enable them to reduce emissions, compliance, and worker safety.

Proactive Quality Control
Smart utility monitoring

Process Industries typically are consumers of large volume of utilities. Smart monitoring and control of resources such as power, water, HVAC units etc. adds to their bottom line significantly.

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance of equipment

Visibility and predictability into assets' health and performance monitors, maintains, and optimizes assets for better availability, utilization and performance.

Real-time Asset Tracking
Real-time asset tracking

Ability to track and monitor the different assets like finished goods, work-in-progress goods. Supply chain traceability improves not only the efficiency & optimization of production processes but also avoid wastage of materials.