Facility Management

  • Monitor Real time specific electricity consumptions
  • Generate various energy conservation reports
  • Water, Compressed air usage statistics


Cost monitoring & control

  • Energy & utility consumption monitoring & management
  • Keeping accurate records of operations
  • Unbudgeted expenses

Environmental Monitoring

  • Changing regulatory and compliance standards
  • Environmental monitoring for Tenants comforts
  • Adoption of eco-friendly policies and implementation

Facility Maintenance

  • Extend the life of heavy-ticket resources
  • Maintenance of aging equipment & facilities
  • Rising cost of maintenance

Accurate Record keeping

  • Multiple sources, formats and types of data
  • Lack of electronic records and logs of equipment health history
  • Have to handle and manage multiple vendors

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Primary Use Cases

Remote Monitoring and Alerting Systems
Smart utility monitoring

Smart monitoring and control of resources such as power, water, HVAC units etc. helps in improving their bottom line significantly.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Tracking
Environmental monitoring

Tracking of different environmental parameters across the facility with automated alerting and control mechanism.

Proactive Quality Control
Remote monitoring for tenants comforts

Monitoring of environmental sensors within a building for the healthy living and comfort of inmates with intuitive dashboards and automated alerting mechanism.

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance

Visibility and predictability into assets' health and performance to accelerate utilization, predict failures, reduce downtime, and reduce cost of maintenance.