A set of server agnostic software components that securely collect, integrate, store, and analyze data from devices, gateways, SCADA servers and enterprise applications.

Delpheon-Cloud Features

Secure & Scalable

  • Multi-level-security: authentication & authorization
  • End-to-end encryption of data
  • Multi-tenancy for different applications with each
    instance supports up to 2MB data samples per day

IIoT application realization made simple

  • Applications focused on dashboards and reports
  • Multiple application deployment on the same platform
  • Can be deployed on Azure or AWS or on-premise server

Extensibility & Customizability

  • APIs for application integration
  • Integration with enterprise applications
  • Integration with AI & ML engines
  • Integration of Industry 4.0 technology systems

High Configurability

  • Integration with Sensors, Devices & Gateways
  • Low code platform
  • Custom digital twins
  • KPIs
  • User profile management

Historical & Comparison Report

  • Enables continuous improvement
  • Higher compliance
  • Improved end-user experience and satisfaction

Super Admin Console

  • User profile management
  • Operational hierarchy management