IIoT Consulting Services

We deliver

  • Industry 4.0 readiness assessment
  • IIoT strategy roadmap
  • ROI mapping
  • Use case definitions
  • Application planning
  • Proof-of-concepts

How can we help?

  • Consult to create a tailored IoT Strategy for your enterprise
  • Design & architect complex integration of IoT solutions along with business models
  • Technology partner for developing & deploying affordable IoT proof of concepts to demonstrate business value
  • Develop & deploy Industrial IoT applications that are seamless across mobile devices
  • Project execution and management for full-cycle IoT solution implementations
  • Collect, harmonize and integrate data, visualize, transform and build advanced analytics models
  • Manage change, governance and maintain documentation
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Consulting for Industry 4.0 Strategy planning

We assess your overall Industry 4.0 readiness by reviewing & analysing:

  • Business objectives
  • Pain points & Challenges
  • Existing systems & infrastructure

Creates a detailed roadmap towards your Industry 4.0 journey.

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ROI Mapping & Feasibility Analysis

We help to address one of the most challenging aspect of Industry 4.0 adoption.

Our experts will work with your stakeholders and estimate potential investments required, the expected ROI, along with appropriate payback time period for the IIoT solutions.

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Consulting at the Application planning stage

We help with the design of tailored Industrial IoT solutions that improve a specific production process or mitigate a set of challenges.

We produce the detailed application feature set along with integration with other enterprise systems.

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Consulting at the Requirements definition stage

Our consultants will turn your high-level view of an Industrial IoT solution into detailed system requirement specification.

We will cover all aspects of the solution including details of data collection - sources, connectivity protocols, frequency; data & application integration, application features at the edge as well at the cloud server - dashboards, reports, and events.

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